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(Focus, Aspire, Mentally Prep, Execute)

On average we produce up to 50,000 thoughts a day and 70-80% of those thoughts are negative. This translates to 40,000 thoughts that need some work.

My Keynote concert F.A.M.E challenges audiences to identify if the tiny voice living rent free in their head is feeding them positive thoughts or negative thoughts. The F.A.M.E framework allows groups of all sizes to define why their mindset and message is important to achieve success in any industry at any age. From CEO to Chef to Doctor to Admin my Keynote concert will help to reset and refocus by including Objective lessons, original songs and exercises that reinforce the key concepts of the keynote.


About Raven

 Combining speaking and singing, Raven Rae aims to deliver educational, inspirational and entertaining messages to a variety of audiences. Raven strives to make every event a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content. Get ready to be inspired and made famous in an authentic way that leaves you ready to conquer your goals.

Stories That Inspire Hope

Stories That Inspire Hope

Struggles, Failures, and Wins. Now more than ever before, we need stories that inspire hope. The stories you tell to your children and grandchildren, your neighbors, and your customers are stories of how your life experience matters. Telling stories brings people together. In this episode, our desire is to inspire the listener that all life experiences, struggles, failures, the pains of our past, have victories, and many times happy endings. No matter what you are facing in your life, sharing your stories will help others heal, and it will inspire us to keep going and find creative ways to make life living a joyous story to tell with many chapters of triumph. Kornelia Stephanie Deana Tsiapalis Tara Prater Dr. Alan Mueller Raven Rae #inspirationalvideos #inspirationalstories #leadershipdevelopment #inspirationalstory #podcast #podcastshow #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneur #choices #cashflow #spiritualjourney #spiritualawakening #selfdiscovery #transformation #StoriesOfHope #GoodNewsFriday #author #communication #communicationskills #publicspeakingmastery
Butterfly Language with Raven Rae

Butterfly Language with Raven Rae

Raven Rae is a multifaceted luminary who crafts a tapestry of creativity and empowerment. With a rich array of passions, she seamlessly navigates the realms of music, storytelling and her thriving self-care enterprise, Black Leaf Naturals. (Black Leaf Naturals is a natural/vegan wellness brand centered around self-care and mental health. Selling an array of Natural/Vegan skincare, body care and hair care products such as soaps, oils, body butters, acne treatments, hair/face masks, candles.) Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Raven's journey began in the church, catching the attention of notable gospel singer Kelly Chapman, who mentored her and even featured her on her album at the age of 10. Her training continued at the Cleveland School of the Arts, where she honed her skills as a soloist and performer. Raven's musical journey led her to Columbia College Chicago, where she studied musical theatre. Upon returning to Cleveland, she delved into professional theatre and released her first EP, "Borderline," in 2019, which courageously explored societal themes related to mental health in the black community. In September 2020, she released her second album, "Metamorphosis," chronicling her journey of self-care, spirituality, and self-love. Her third work, a 3-song EP titled "Believe in Love," released in June 2021, delved into her self-love journey and manifestations of love. Raven's artistic prowess extends to her dynamic performances, bridging the gap between classics and contemporary music. She effortlessly fuses Neo Soul, Pop, Jazz, and R&B, delivering dynamic and dramatic performances that feature both original music and covers by legendary artists. Raven's debut work, "Butterfly Language," an immersive and transformative “audiobook” experience that blends music, poetry, and mental health advocacy. “Butterfly Language," invites readers to decipher the intricate patterns of their own existence, offering a glimpse into the hidden landscapes of the psyche and the heart. Her writing resonates on a profound level, inviting introspection and self-discovery as it explores the depths of human experience.
Success with the Butterfly Language by Raven Rae| Daily Soul Bytes #selfawareness #focus #author

Success with the Butterfly Language by Raven Rae| Daily Soul Bytes #selfawareness #focus #author

Grab your copy of my new bestseller book Daily Soul Bytes: For an Inspired Life Title: Steps to Success with the Butterfly Language by Raven Rae Season 2 Episode 3: “Steps to achieving Success with the Butterfly Language” Spotify 🎙 YouTube ▶️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Daily Soul Bytes Show with 'Bola Abimbola 🎙️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bola Abimbola is The Self Awareness Doyen, Author of Daily Soul Bytes book, Coach, Energy Practitioner, Creatorof SMITT Emotional Mastery System. BSc Psychology Branded merchandise: And relevant apparel affiliate info below: (skin gel) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Honored Featured Speaker: 🌎🎙 Raven Rae is an eclectic recording artist, author, entrepreneur and performer who bridges the gap between the classics and the contemporary. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Raven got her start singing in the church, and received her musical training from Cleveland School of the Arts and Columbia College Chicago. Raven is the author of Butterfly Language, a transformative personal development memoir available on Amazon. Links: Website: Facebook: Join Raven in her upcoming music performance. It is a free event that gives you a taste of her eclectic unique talent! Join us every week! Subscribe and share. / @bolaabimbola-official Stay Connected To Us. Facebook: / #'bolaabimbola Instagram: / soulspace_healing Website: Blog: Member Elephant Journal: Partner with Shift Network: For Business Inquiries: ====================================== / @bolaabimbola-official ====================================== #experts #success #abundance #consciousentrepreneur #higherconsciousness #personaltransformation #spiritualgrowth #healingfrequencies #selfacceptance #universalenergy Disclaimer: We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage which is incurred by you acting or not acting as a result of reading any of our publications. You acknowledge that you use the information we provide at your own risk. Do your own research. Copyright Notice: This video and our YouTube channel contain copyrighted music and images. Any public, media, and any other business usage are subject to a business license. Unauthorized usage and publications are prohibited. © Bola Abimbola Official #SoulSpaceHealing, #Self-Improvement #SelfAcceptance, #Manifestation, #Transformational, #InnerPeace, #SelfLove, #Acceptance, #stressrelief,#ManifestYourDreamLife,#Mindfulness, #OvercomingSelfDoubt, #NegativeThoughts, #PositiveAffirmations, #LawOfAttraction, #Divinegrace, lightlanguage #bolaabimbola, #SelfcarePractices, #BuildingSelfConfidence, #BaO&%

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