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Raven Rae is a High energy modern Performer who bridges the gap between the classics and the contemporary. As a vocal chameleon Raven Rae Fuses together Neo Soul, Pop, jazz and R&B through dynamic and dramatic performances; Featuring Movement, Original music and Covers by the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Tori Kelly, Minnie Riperton, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, Ariana Grande and more!

Her first Ep "Borderline" (2019) chronicled her love life and mental health journey. Throughout the album she explored societal themes rarely discussed surrounding mental health in the black community. The albums purpose was not only to tell her story uncensored, but to also bring mental health awareness and debunk stereotypes surrounding mental health in the African American community.

Raven released her second album "Metamorphosis" in September 2020. "Metamorphosis" was written in 2019/2020 and explores her journey of self-care, spirituality and her evolution of self and self love. Throughout the album she explored her “caterpillar to butterfly” transformation throughout her self-care journey. 

Her third body of work was a 3 song Ep titled “Believe in love”. Released in June of 2021, about her self love journey, manifestation and glimpses of her love life.

Natural ability, a strong will, and intense determination has propelled Raven forward to this point in her career. While she has achieved so much, there’s still a great deal she wants to accomplish in the world of music.

Fusing vocal talent, precision, and skill with masterful production, Raven Rae has created an impressive catalogue.
From up-tempo tracks to more mellow vibes, check out a selection of music recorded over her career.

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