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Where Music, Self-Care and Mindfulness Collide.

Welcome to the Mindful Merch Store, where the soothing music of Raven Rae meets the world of self-care and mindfulness.


Browse our selection below and discover the perfect products to help you relax, unwind, and find your inner peace.

Metamorphosis CD (Signed)

Metamorphosis CD (Signed)


I am so excited to sign your copy of *Metamorphosis* and mail it straight to your doorstep!


"Metamorphosis" (2020)  explores my journey of self-care, spirituality and  evolution of self and self love. Throughout the album I explore my “caterpillar to butterfly” transformation throughout my self-care journey. 


🎶Track list-🎵

  • Self-Care (Extended Version)
  • Euphoria 
  • Woke•ish
  • I Know (Ode to My Ancestors)
  • Lush
  • Be My Ozone Layer
  • Venus
  • Drink
  • Metamorphosis (E)
  • The Alchemist
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